Discovering Ways In Which We Learn


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Discovering how children and adults learn best


"The knowledge of how we learn enables us to take charge of our own learning."

We are a group of educational specialists who work with children and adults to discover how each person learns best.  We believe that a person's cognitive ability or academic achievement cannot be expressed simply in numerical terms. Accordingly, our assessments are individually designed to identify and provide a thorough understanding of the client's learning patterns, significant strengths, and areas which need further development.

We also believe that the assessment process should be interactive; that is, the client's observations of his or her learning styles, problem-solving approaches, and reactions to the assessments need to be discussed with the clinician and made an integral part of the evaluation.


Educational Assessment Associates was founded in January 1993 by the assessment staff of the former George Washington University Reading Center.  Our team of educational specialists continues to offer a full range of diagnostic testing and consulting services to the Washington metropolitan community. Many years of testing at all levels, as well as teaching, research and review in the field of assessment, have kept the staff in the forefront of current educational philosophy and practice.

June A. Wagner, M.Ed., Emeritus

Licensed Psychologists:  Ana M. Daroowalla, Ph.D. and Nicole M. Stern, Ph.D.


Elinor S. Flyer, M.Ed. Maria Colchao, M.A. Judith V. Else, M.A.
Eve A. Lilley, M.Ed. Crissie Agnew, CPA